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Gran Canaria Weather November

Gran Canaria in November, although obviously a lot cooler than Summer is usually still pretty hot, with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s. Evenings can get cold, a light jacket or cardigan can come in handy.


30th November 2019

It’s been a very warm end to the month with daytime temperatures reaching 28ºC degrees in south Gran Canaria. We took a short walk along Puerto Base harbour in Puerto Rico.

Gran Canaria Weather November Puerto Rico Harbour 2019
Puerto Base harbour in Puerto Rico November 2019

A calima has been present for the last few days, so there has been some dust and sand lingering in the air too but all in all, great weather for hitting the beach or pool.

There could be some rain on the way for the first week in December 2019.


22nd November 2018

How are we at the end of November already? I do apologise for not updating this with my live reports, I’ve not been very well this month.

So we’ve had some lovely hot days and even some torrential rain this month. Why is it a big deal when we get weather warnings for rain on Gran Canaria? Well, it can cause flash flooding and the island just isn’t built for that.

Gran Canaria Weather Warnings November 2018
Gran Canaria Weather Warnings November 2018

We do have a yellow weather warning in place for heavy rain from midnight tonight (Wednesday 21st November) for 24 hours. This is forecast to affect the whole island with the rain making an appearance in the south from about 18:00h this afternoon. At this very moment 15:29h the sun is shining and we have blue skies.


30th November 2017

Here we are on the last days of November already. This month has indeed been balmy and warm compared with other years. There have been some very hot days, particularly at the beginning of the month.

As ‘Winter is coming’ we might see some rain. This rain is what we would usually have in October so if it does come to Gran Canaria, expect short downpours with the temperatures still above 20ºC degrees!

Gran Canaria Weather November Teide Volcano Sunset 2017
Sunset over Teide volcano view from Eden Puerto Rico

The great thing about this time of year is the amazing sunsets. Winter sunsets are often beautiful bursts of orange and reds across the skies, like this photo taken last night from outside Eden Apartments in Puerto Rico with a view of the volcano in Tenerife!

24th November 2017

The past few days we’ve had calima and warm winds. Evenings have been tropical and on last night’s stroll along the promenade at Amadores Beach no cardigans or light jackets were needed!

A storm has just been to the west of the Canary Islands although it didn’t reach Gran Canaria, instead it pulled sand over from the Sahara, hence the warmer than usual weather.

Gran Canaria Weather November Arguineguin 2017
Arguineguin in November 2017

The forecast for the south of Gran Canaria this week shows more of the same warm temperatures for tomorrow around 28ºC degrees and the possibility of rain the first days of December.

I’ve mentioned several times, it’s very difficult to predict more than 3 days ahead here on the islands but as usual I will keep you posted.

19th November 2017

What an absolutely beautiful day it was in San Agustin today. This is the wintersun that the island is famous for.

Gran Canaria Weather November San Agustin 2017
Playa de las Burras San Agustin in November 2017

People were enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon on Playa de las Burras, swimming, kitesurfing and strolling along the promenade with ice cream.

17th November 2017

Snow? Yes there was a brief snowfall on Mt Teide in Tenerife on 17th November, but it didn’t last long.

Gran Canaria Weather November Snow Tenerife 2017
Snow in Tenerife November 2017

Many of our readers couldn’t believe it when we shared the photos on social media, but that really is the magic of the Canary Islands.

10th November 2017

Based on previous years, the end of October – beginning of November have been somewhat rainy with occasional storms.

This year it’s as if the Summer has extended, here we are on the 10th November with daytime temperatures of around 28ºC degrees and evenings are still pretty mild too. I haven’t needed that light jacket or cardigan yet.

Gran Canaria Weather November Maspalomas Dunes 2017
Maspalomas Sand Dunes in November

Today I took a walk through the Hotel RIU Palace Maspalomas in Playa del Ingles which has a pathway through to the Maspalomas Sand Dunes. It was windy but hot, especially for November!

Many people were beginning the adventure through the dunes to the beach to catch some sunshine. It did seem like we had a calima today too as it was hazy and that familiar heat, so it’s still very important to use a decent sunscreen and hydrate.

The calima is supposedly going to feel more intense from the afternoon on Saturday 11th November as the desert dust pushes over the islands. Hopefully by Sunday it will be a bit clearer.


30th November 2016

Well it’s the end of November already and it’s been a mixed month with some very hot days and some stormy days. I do apologize for the lack of updates this month. My dog has been ill and life got in the way.

Gran Canaria Weather November Costa Alegre Arguineguin 2016
Costa Alegre Natural Pool in Arguineguin November 2016

4th November 2016

According to reports, there is another electrical storm close to the Canary Islands. The south is expecting some rain this weekend, much like last weekend’s storm.

Today has been sunny with some cloud and temperatures were around 28ºC degrees. It’s still great sunbathing weather in the south of Gran Canaria.


30th November 2015

Here we are at the end of November already! Things really ‘cooled’ down this week and yesterday was very much a grey day in the south of Gran Canaria. This morning the warm wind that is associated with a calima, made an appearance.

Gran Canaria Weather November Sunset 2015
November Sunset 2015

Last night we had a really nice red and orange sunset.

22nd November 2015

We had a sunny start to the day and some beautiful hot weather in Puerto Rico over the last couple of days as the end of the calima burnt itself out. Evenings have cooled down quite a bit now, last night as I walked by Puerto Rico beach, I was glad to have my hoodie on.

Right now in Arguineguin it has clouded over and the air is cooler than usual, still above 20ºC degrees I’m sure.

Here’s the forecast for the week ahead in the Mogán area includes Arguineguin, Puerto Rico, Taurito and Puerto de Mogán:

Gran Canaria Weather November Rain Forecast 2015
Gran Canaria Weather Forecast November 2015

According to the forecast, rain IS on the way. Here is a screenshot from the Vega de San Mateo webcam, the cloud is so low!

Gran Canaria Weather November San Mateo 2015
San Mateo in November 2015

11th November 2015

November has been beautiful so far. You would hardly believe that we headed into ‘Winter’ as temperatures have been in the 30ºC’s this week. That is mainly because of the calima over the Canary Islands at the moment.

It’s still very hazy outside and the wind did get up again this afternoon but the calima remains. Hopefully the skies will be a little clearer tomorrow and my next photo is of bright blue sky. Some weather sites are reporting the sandy atmosphere until at least Friday.

Gran Canaria Weather November Calima 2015
A winter calima in November 2015

Today’s photo was taken in Playa del Ingles outside of the Hotel RIU Palace Maspalomas. It was very hot (for November anyway) with temps of 32ºC degrees.

The thick layer of sand has blown over from the Sahara Desert, causing the temperatures to increase and we’ve also have some wind. Usually after a calima, the temperature changes a little. In Winter the normal daytime temperature will decrease by 1 or 2 degrees and in Summer it will increase.

Gran Canaria Weather November RIU Palace Maspalomas 2015
RIU Palace Maspalomas in November

The sky is very hazy. It looks like this calima episode will be around for another day or 2 until it blows away and we can enjoy hot days and cooler evenings. In the meantime, I’m off to clean the dust in my house (again) 🙂


28th November 2014

AEMET have issued red and orange weather warnings in the Canary Islands for hurricane strength winds and huge waves. Gran Canaria is on red warning for gales up to 130km/h in the peaks and the North of the island, with the rest of the island on orange warning for winds of 100km/h.

Gran Canaria Weather Warnings November 2014
Gran Canaria Weather Extreme Risk Warnings November 2014

Take care if you are near the beach, respect beach flags and use common sense as there is also a warning for waves up to 6 metres high!

In Gran Canaria south, it’s looking very grey outside and there is rain forecast for today. If you haven’t already, secure any loose items such as plants and decorations on your balcony or roof.


It’s very windy out there, but apparently the worse is to come this afternoon, although it sounds a lot calmer here in the south. Earlier on this afternoon I took a look round Amadores Beach, Puerto Rico Beach and Arguineguin to see what was going on.

Stormy day on Amadores Beach in November 2014

The sea is very rough and it is obvious why it would be very dangerous to swim or get too close. Thankfully most people were taking notice of the red flags!

Kitesurfing in Arguineguin November 2014

A battered looking yacht has been washed up onto the beach and kite surfers enjoyed the unusually windy weather on Las Marañuelas beach in Arguineguin.

20th November 2014

09:30h Good morning! Here in Gran Canaria south, it’s a dark start to the day, with lots of grey cloud coverage and it’s just begun to rain. I’m not sure of the temperature but it’s hoodie weather for me. AEMET have raised the warning to orange for heavy rain today and storms today. The rain is expected to get heavier from around midday. I’ve yet to hear any thunder or see any lightning but I will keep you posted.

Gran Canaria Weather November Motor Grande Puerto Rico 2014
Flooded roads in Motor Grande Puerto Rico – November 2014

17:15h As expected it rained heavy this afternoon, one minute it was sunny with blue sky trying to break through the storm clouds, the next thing the ground was drenched! I could see the rain coming off the sea in Puerto Rico, drove along the coast 5 minutes to Amadores Beach and it was suddenly torrential!

Snow on La Palma and Tenerife

Well the forecast for snow was right, the first flakes of the season have fallen in Roque de los Muchachos and Parador Nacional del Teide.

At this very moment it’s sunny and we could be in for a lovely sunset. Warnings are still in place for Friday.

19th November 2014

AEMET have issued a yellow and orange weather warning for heavy rain and storms in Gran Canaria from 06:00am Wednesday 19th November – Thursday 20th evening.

Gran Canaria Weather November Amadores Beach Rain 2014
Rainy November on Amadores Beach Puerto Rico

We’ve already had some rain, Monday evening in Vecindario there was an impressive downpour and most of Tuesday has been rainy with sunny intervals in the south.

According to the forecast, the rain is expected to last right up until the weekend. (forecast is from Mogán)

05:30h I heard really heavy rain early on and went to check all my windows, so far no leaks.

08:30h – 09:00h Very heavy rain in Arguineguin, which started out with the sunrise and then suddenly turned very dark at 09:00h, I’ve had to switch the lights on in the office which feels very strange. I haven’t heard many people in the street so I’m guessing not many kids went to school today.

09:25h Now I have a small leak at home, the water is coming down from the roof terrace, under the door so I’ve put some old towels down. Hopefully it won’t get too bad. It also feels like the wind has picked up a little and the rain changed direction.

15:40h Well I’ve had a great morning of storm chasing and taken plenty of videos and photos. Please make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get updates on videos, (they aren’t all of the rain, there is a very nice one of Amadores Beach in January)

As of right now the rain has stopped but according to meteorologist Vicky Palma, there is another storm building form to the west of the Canaries.

Maspalomas River

The barranco that runs through Maspalomas is inundated with rushing water coming down from the mountains. Here’s a video I made earlier today, photos are on the way too.

Barranco de Maspalomas filled with water in November 2014

21:00h Here is another video from today, that I shot in Puerto Rico as the water was flowing like crazy down into the sea.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Storm November 2014

Snow in Gran Canaria?

AEMET have kept the weather warning in place for Friday, with more rain expected and possibly some snow on the peaks at 1900m on Thursday evening/Friday morning. Pico de las Nieves is the highest point of the island at 1949m, so we will see.

I won’t be headed up into the mountains, for a couple of reasons, it’s not safe to be driving with risk of rockfall after such heavy rain, also because if there is a sign it might snow at the weekend, the peaks will be full of people.


30th November 2013

Arguineguin is in the south-west of Gran Canaria, and although isn’t one of the main resorts, certainly attracts many tourists in the Winter months.

Despite it being a cloudy and cooler day, there were still people dining ‘al fresco’ outside of Ciao Restaurant.

Gran Canaria Weather November Arguineguin 2013

The mild weather is one of the main attractions of this small fishing village, which hosts a market every Tuesday in the Plaza Negra and a smaller one on Thursdays in the Ancora Shopping Center.


23rd November 2012

AEMET have issued weather warnings for the Canary Islands this weekend (Sunday 25th November). Gran Canaria in particular is forecast heavy rain from 06:00h and wind gusts up to 70 km/h.

Gran Canaria Weather Warnings November 2012
Gran Canaria Weather Warnings in November 2012


29th November 2010

Although so far it seems that the western islands have had the worst of the storm, here in the south of Gran Canaria it has been bad too.

Thunderstorm over Arguineguin in November 2010

28th November 2010

The Canary Islands have been issued a red weather warning from AEMET for extreme risks of storms for Sunday 28th and Monday 29th November.

Gran Canaria Weather November 2010
Gran Canaria Weather Forecast November 2010

The storm which is coming in from the Atlantic Ocean has already affected the left hand side of the archipelago and today (Sunday) La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera have risk of intense gales, rain and thunderstorms.

Monday is to be when the storm really hits Tenerife and the bottom half of Gran Canaria.

26th November 2010

AEMET have issued storm weather warnings for the weekend from 26th – 30th November and we are to expect a second more intense storm.

Gran Canaria Weather November Tropical Storm Andres 2010
Tropical Storm Andres 2010

The wind picked up late last night followed by some short showers.

According to weather enthusiasts at CazaTormentas we are to expect Tropical Storm Andres, coming over from the Atlantic Ocean and it’s expected to hit the Canary Islands on Sunday.

3rd November 2010

The clocks went back an hour over the weekend and it finally started to feel a bit like Winter when my cardigan made an appearance a couple of nights ago. No sooner had I started to enjoy the cooler nights but we are landed this morning with a very humid/windy calima.

Gran Canaria Weather November Altamadores Puerto Rico 2010
Altamadores Puerto Rico Webcam

If the calima is accompanied by gusts of wind then you can guarantee every surface in your house or apartment is covered in dust. The air can be very dry in a calima so make sure to drink plenty of fluids preferably water, take shade and special care if you have any respiratory problems such as asthma, as the dust can really irritate.

Although the webcam image above take from Altamadores Apartments in Puerto Rico looks dull, the UV rays still penetrate through the clouds, so make sure you are sun safe even on cloudier days.


30th November 2008

After a dark and dreary day yesterday (which I secretly enjoyed), the sun has popped it’s had out and the blue skies are back.

We have been given a low risk weather warning of high waves around all the coasts of the islands.

Last week, when I was in Las Palmas, just past the Hospital Insular the lane closest to the sea was closed because the waves were splashing up onto the road.

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